The most important approach is to never compromise your gear when it comes to riding. This is true for the helmet you choose to wear. Our line of helmets is that 'no compromise' type of helmet protection. They are designed, tested, and refined so that you as a rider can enjoy a very confident riding experience. Check out our helmets and discover some of its highly thought-out features such as: high-end composite constructions, extended EPS, and sophisticated air intake/exhaust system. Our helmets will exceed all of your expectations.

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Why register? Registering your H.A.R.D. helmets assist us in processing any warranty and crash claims. Please email us at to register.

OEM Services

Are you looking for OEM business consulting services for your brand name enterprise? We can help. We have a combine 30+ years of experience of building some of the known names out there today. Please email us at to learn more.


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About Us

We're dedicated to making your ride a very confident experience by making and offering high quality and lightweight line of performance helmets. Whether for the streets or dirt tracks, we are using a combine 30+ years of experience to provide very exceptional helmets at value cost without compromising all your important needs: protection, comfort, and style.

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